Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day Six: Bell Bottoms are Back!

Day Six:

I'm finally sitting down at 1:16 AM, 2 hours after I came home from driving Uber.  Solely with the intent of writing this blog and going to bed earlier than I have been.  Guess that didn't happen.  Instead Fritz and I got into a battle of who's house is it, the tug of war and chase the cow games didn't last long enough and someone was rather upset about not getting their way.  After placing the puppy in the pen, mind you he's about 20lbs I'd guess at the moment.  Maybe less, but he certainly feels heavier than the 14 lb bag of dog food sitting in my closet freshly bought.  He puts up a fight and it feels like I'm muscling a 45 lb plate off the ground.  Needless to say, he looked me dead in the eye and without a hind of remorse starts pissing, he knows I can't get to him through the gate so it makes no difference if I scream or just give him the dead eye.  The dead eye accompanied with the Dad Voice, has become a favorable dou that seams to set the tone for the moment.  Not even that stops Fritz from just pissing while staring me dead in the eye.  Cocky little fucker!

Tonight I figured we'd take a long walk until he got cold and he remembered how nice his little bed is  and that would be a suitable punishment for pissing in it.  I figured it was a nice enough night to throw on two pairs of socks, insulated boots, two layers under the hoody, and my Michael Kors pea coat.  I should start hitting up major brands to have them give me clothes to wear during the day while I Uber.  Or at the very least I should go shopping and write it off as a business expense.  (note to self)

Off we set, he pissed first thing out the door.  I gave him a pat on the head and thatta boy, but no treat.  He knew I had them, I made sure he saw me put them in my back pocket.  He wanted them, I knew he knew that I knew he knew it and wanted to make sure the message was loud and clear.  We also got the trash ready and put a new bag in the can before heading out, all on his leash by my side wanting those damn treats in my back pocket.  Down the stairs has gotten to be a majestic site, you can start to see flash of the young dog he'll become and boy is he beautiful.  Fritz might become an instagram model someday!  A 20 minute walk in the snow and he was still wanting to play, but he was worn out enough that his bed was a welcomed sight.

Bell bottoms have made a comeback I fear.  There was a pair of 20 somethings heading to Puerto Vallarta next week for spring break, they were planning to wear white pants before labor day and uttered bell bottoms in the same breath as skinny jeans.  Good lord save us all, the 70's have descended upon us and there shall be no reprieve from the disco fever!  I see a Johnny Disco meme in the near future!