Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day Two:

I only Ubered for a couple hours tonight.  I had a friend holler at me.  (I think that's what the kids say these days.)  I had a couple errands to run so we ran around in the Merc.  He reminisced about an old car he had that was similar in the luxurious categories.  You know, peacock wood trimmed lether interior with crushed and nylon velvet sound deadner.  Its magnificently quite inside, and the 7.1 Harmon Karmon surround sound plays to the tunes that sooth the sole.  If quite isn't what your looking for!  :)  Some of my musically talented friends say it needs a bit more power, but their just audiophile with an over-tuned ear! :)

I had a couple college students in aw of what I've accomplished with only a high school diploma.  Rachel once said I wouldn't ever look good on paper without a college degree.  I accepted that challenge a long time ago.  This might not be paper, but it's about as close as we can get these days.  To hell if you could actually read my hand writing!  I'm routinely told I look 29, I've had a couple overzealous teenagers say 24, but it's dark.  I'll give them going with the benefit of the doubt.  LOL  I can't wait to warmer weather.  I might cheat and work hard to earn enough to visit a friend in LA.  Fritz would love a week with all the attention from a puppy spa!  Who could take a month straight of just me!!!!   Good lord, poor guy!  LOL

I graduated 33 in my class.  Granted I think there was only 40ish.  Still, 33rd.  How many of you can honestly say that?  :)

I currently am on leave of absence from a job where I managed a deck worth something like $1.3 Million.  I love the industry, the only problem I run into now is that as Uber driver, credibility doesn't really go that far.  It could be my cracked windshield, I'll have to get back to you that after I get that fixed.  (Note to Self, Get Window Fixed.  LOL)  It takes money to make money, as they say.

But if you don't know, or haven't stalked my pictures in a couple years. I drive a 2007 Mercedes Benz C230 sport.  (I'm pretty sure they're all sports, I haven't seen a regular C230 ever.)  To car guys, that shits a big deal.  It has a wicked set of Brembo brakes at each corner.  4 piston calibers, organic brakes (how it's organic is beyond me, or I could have that confused.)  Who cares...  (someone).   13.5 inch cross drilled and slotted rotors, means I can make you kiss a hundred dollar bill off my windshield braking from 60.  I'd bet you that same $100 bill you couldn't get it off the Galaxie's windshield 0-45.  :)  Obsidian Black is the Merc's official color, but under street lamps or flashlights it's the pretty dark blue you've ever laid your eyes on.  Pearl Navy Blue is what I'd call it, maybe Electric because it sparkles.  It's lower than a normal Mercedes, has low profile tires that are super sporty.  (I'm putting a set of 18's on for the summer as soon as the current tires wear out.  SOON!!!!)  So, it's a sporty little 4 door.  I have to admit, it is fun to drive and I drive it Fun!

It really pales in comparison to the Galaxie.  Ziggy aka Big Bad is a bright red (not original color) 1968 Ford Galaxie 500.  I'll have new shocks in the front (purchased, not ready for installation) and rear (already on) with KYB gas adjust shocks (already on) and some other odds and ends.  Ryan painstakingly made sure the wiring was factory correct and ran in the correct areas.  The only thing left to do is repair the gas gauge, a simple fix but getting Ryan's time is like gold and we're currently rebuilding the C-6 to have a manual valve body, shift kit, and B&M Shifter (I heard the word trans brake being thrown around as well.).  And that's not to mention the custom 3 inch exhaust that exits right in front of the tires.  I refer to them as asshole pipes, because it's rather loud.  (I literally had a little old lady mouth to me to 'get that fucking car away from me.'  Granted, I was loading up mufflers and then backing down from high RPM in first gear to throw flames.)  But yeah, I can be slightly obnoxious at times, for this, I'm truly sorry your feelings got hurt.  (Suck it up, sometimes life is loud.)

I've sold to the CFO of MLB Teams as well as other companies who's revenue was getting deep into the 9 digits.  I've learned by asking CEO's and CFO's over the course of 3 years how they do their jobs, sometimes and often point blank.  And then explaining to them why they needed the services my company provided within the Corporate Legal Services Industry.  I've sold deals worth $70,000 for 3 years almost yearly, as well as retaining a high 90% customer base with the companies own same years retention rate rising from 83% to 86%.

I would bore you to death trying to explain what I do, much like I'm getting bored of being this braggadocios.  I'm sure your bored, or maybe your not and I'm just paranoid.  :)

I need to invest in a house, or a livable space as some people might call it.  I have an idea.  It requires 5 people though.  And with that, I bid you adieu.  :)