Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day Three: Acts of Kindness

Day Three:

It's taken a bit for me to get to the computer and write this entry.  I ended up only working till 10:30 pm after hitting my goal earlier than anticipated.  I ended up back home, taking Fritz out for a bit.  He still can't handle being out in the cold weather, I suppose a month isn't enough time to truly assimilate to Wisconsin life.  The reason why it's taken me so long to start this entry is two fold, one: it's rather difficult thinking about which event to write about in the night or should I just write one to highlight the evening.  Two: I got to pick my little munchkin up at 10:00 AM this morning.  She is my pride and joy, my life and blood, everything I've always wanted in a little girl.  Wicked smart, a little sassy, razor sharp wit and the ability to use it on a whim.  She's a lot to keep up with, it's easier having Fritz and her together than it is separately.  There's this amazing desire for them to want to be around each other and it's been amazing to watch that bond develop.  After a week or so, Fritz will be more than powerful enough to drag Arianna down the hallway.  It's fun to watch them interact and watch how protective of each other they've become.  I fear for the poor sole who thinks he/she'll do harm in Fritz' presence.

On a lighter note, I had a trio of riders that had seen a play at a local high school here in the city.  The Whimsical Whooper, or something like that.  The worn out shocks in my car, plus the newly added country music channel to slot #6 106.3FM here in Madison, WI by recommendation of the fare made it a little difficult to understand all that was said.  Some things just had to be let go, after asking several times and not getting it, the conversation turned to another gentleman at the house and then on to the bowling event that took place today (Saturday) that "Barb" was driving the duo too.  The couple were accompanied by their chaperon,  Jill.  A very pretty woman with blonde hair and garnet colored lips.  I heard of my front seat passengers cat named Cooper.  I exclaimed that is a fantastic cats name, to which everyone in the car was in absolute agreeance with, even my front seat passenger herself.  The gentleman in the backseat seamed to be taking in all the comfort the backseat would allow, I don't blame him.  It's a very comfortable car to be a passenger in, so I'm told.  The conversation switched pace faster than the trip-tonic 7 speed transmission could switch gears.  Moments of an awkward silence, followed by uproarious belly laughter that came on like a bolt of lightning.  It was such a comfortable atmosphere, I'd a liken it to sitting on a porch in early August watching a cold front pass over, I can't blame them for wanting to sit just a second longer.  Truth be told, I enjoyed the awkward second at the end of the ride before they noticed it was time to part company.  A new friend was made and lost all in the blink of an eye.  I have a deep admiration for Jill, I can only assume she has a love for other people that is unmatched.  I hope her evening was as pleasant as the rest of my night was as I thought about how to write them into this blog.  I hope they have a fond memory even if ever so brief.