Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day Four: Murphy's Law

Day Four:

What's that old saying?  If it could go wrong it would go wrong or something to that affect?

I dropped Arianna off in front of the YMCA, it's always such a mentally draining thing as I drive away from the Y.  Being strong and not showing the pain that comes with watching her step dad make her turn around and give the blue balloon the neighbor boy had given her as we rushed out the door to head to the Y just moments before.  The look on her face of complete seriousness that the balloon must receive extra care and attention that Fritz doesn't pop it and the fact that things like that have become second nature to her is a heavy burden to bear.  My heart aches for that little girl, she's missed out on so much of a life that could have been.  A life where taking a balloon home would be ok.

With that being the start to my work night, I took the car seat out of the back and stuffed it into the trunk.  Ran through the car wash, stuck some bottles of water in the backseat pocket, I really should start putting the backseat arm rest down and using the built in cup holders, grabbed a Mt. Dew and a beef stick.  Which I always exclaim to the attendant that my Dad used to tell me it was the breakfast of the Gods.  That's not really true, that just what he used to feed us growing up.  That and potato wedges, mmmmmmmmmmmmhhhh,  Those potato wedges where sooooo good.  I need a deep fryer!  But it's a great way to get someone smiling without doing much else.  I digress, my thought was there was no way I would get someone from the airport with luggage at 5:15PM and sure as shit wouldn't you know it.  So here I am, picking up Colin, and he wants to put his luggage in the trunk.  Luckily there's enough room to spare that it fits, but first thing out of his mouth was 'looks like your trunks full.' which translate directly to 'kiss your 5 stars goodbye!'  Well shit.

Luckily it rebounded and the 30 minute drive was pleasant enough.  He ended up being a triatholon judge or head run pointer or something like that.  And was just getting back from Florida, where he spent most of the days indoors according to him.  I guess it just goes to show that in life, even the simplest opportunity can go unrealized until its to late,  Luckily for Colin, he was going to be traveling again soon and would be heading South before the end of the month.  Hopefully he realizes where he went wrong the last time and gets outside to enjoy the weather.